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Health Coaching 

As an experienced clinical health coach and integrative biohacker, I specialize in personalized approaches, integrating epigenetics to optimize your health span and longevity. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing nutrition, supplementation, functional labs, DNA analysis, bloodwork, lifestyle modifications, specified guidelines, stress management and advanced biohacking strategies, I guide you on a transformative health journey.

I'm your scientific detective, removing the guesswork to create personalized strategies based on solid research and your unique needs

Specialties include:

Women's health- Experience a personalized approach towards holistic well-being, addressing hormonal balance, menstrual wellness, fertility, menopause support and more, using comprehensive strategies. 

Disease Risk Reduction- Embrace proactive health measures through the analysis of biomarkers, genetics, and lifestyle factors. Together, we develop strategies to boost your defences against illnesses and promote lasting well-being. 

Cancer Care Guidance- A seasoned cancer care expert, I provide tailored strategies that complement traditional treatments, empowering the client on their path to recovery and well-being. 

Biohacking- Explore the cutting edge of health optimization through biohacking, from innovative technologies to personalized protocols. I help to uncover strategies to improve physical and mental performance, decrease biological age and slow down the aging process. 

3 Month Package


Initial 1 hour call + monthly 1 hour check-ins (4 hours total)

Ongoing weekday message support  

Comprehensive health history & lifestyle intake form 

Personalized guidelines (nutrition, fitness, sleep, lifestyle, stress management) and specified guidelines (e.g. detox), adjusted as needed 

Goal setting & progress tracking 

Access to educational resources on biohacking & longevity

Post program recommendations for continued success

** Biomarker analysis through 3rd party testing strongly recommended. Additional cost but a discount code is available.


Biohacking Intro Package


1 hour initial call +  1 hour follow up call 

Comprehensive health assessment & overview of  lifestyle 

Personalized biohacking guidelines

Advanced lifestyle modification strategies

Option for continued monitoring & adjusting 


Individual Session 

Ideal for previous client follow up


1 hour call 

Brief health assessment & overview of  lifestyle 

Option for continued assessment & monitoring

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