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Elevate Your Health, Maximize Your Life

Dedicated to empowering individuals to live longer, healthier lives through personalized wellness solutions 

I'm Jessy Abed

Your Integrative Practitioner who enjoys practicing what I teach

As an Advanced Practice Medical Radiation Therapist with 16 years  of experience at a world-renowned cancer hospital, I hold three degrees, including a Master of Health Science with a focus on nutrition and exercise for cancer patients. 


My dedication to pioneering medical research includes roles as a lead Clinical Research Radiation Therapist on an innovative MRI-guided Interventional Program, as well as a Clinical Coordinator for esteemed global research trials. My influence extends internationally through presentations at medical conferences and publications in peer-reviewed journals. 


Beyond cancer care, I've collaborated with private companies, providing expertise in cutting-edge areas like CRISPR technology and psychedelics.

Certified as an integrative health practitioner,  holistic nutritionist, fitness coach, and cancer exercise specialist, my mission is to empower individuals for optimal well-being.


With a decade-long passion for biohacking, I specialize as an integrative health practitioner and longevity coach, merging the latest advancements with personalized guidance for optimized health.



  • Masters of Health Sciences in Medical Radiation Sciences, MHSc. - University of Toronto 

  • Bachelors of Science in Medical Radiation Sciences, BSc. - University of Toronto 

  • Advanced Diploma in Radiation Therapy - Michener Institute of Education at University Health Network (UHN)

  • Honours Bachelor of Science, HBSc. - University of Toronto

  • Registered Clinical Health Coach - The Health Coach Alliance 

  • Diploma in Applied Nutrition Specializing in Sports Fitness - Alive Academy of Natural Health 

  • Integrative Health Practitioner (Level 1 & Level 2 certified) - Integrative Health Practitioner Institute

  • High Performance Health Coach (certification in progress) - Integrative Health Practitioner Institute 

  • Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist - Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute at the University of Northern Colorado 

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Alive Academy of Natural Health 

  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist - Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (CanFitPro)


"I give your health an x-ray without the radiation – revealing the inside story of your body"

Epigenetic Personalization - Tailored strategies based on biomarker analysis, functional labs, bloodwork, detailed client health history & lifestyle patterns.

Expert Health Coaching- Guidance from a health practitioner-meets-holistic-coach, curating sustainable wellness specific to the client's lifestyle & promoting empowerment.  

Biohacking Integration- Incorporating the latest biohacking techniques for optimal health span and longevity. 


Evidence-based practices- Grounded in the latest scientific research, providing a forefront approach to health and wellness. 


Health Coaching 

Improve your health and longevity through personalized approaches including functional labs, root cause analysis, nervous system regulation, nutritional plans, biohacking methods, lifestyle modifications and more based on your unique needs and biology. 



Specialties include: Burnout, Inflammation, Contrast Therapy,  Detox, Cancer Care Guidance and Biohacking.

Corporate Research Specialist

Tailored for businesses seeking expert guidance in science-based research for health product or service development. 


Research specialties include: Cancer, CRISPR technology, Psychedelics, Biohacking products & health care services.

Speaking Engagements

Delivering health optimization tailored seminars and workshops for retreats, corporate and community events. 

Topics include: Women's Health, Biohacking & Longevity; Cancer Risk Reduction, Treatment & Survivorship. 


"Jessy did a great job digging into my day to day to get an understanding of what can be holding me back from feeling great all the time. She showed me a lot of care and empathy as she dug in and was able to give me an in-depth, well thought out plan and suggestions on the path to feeling my best. I thought I knew a lot about taking care of myself but Jessy was able to uncover other areas for improvement and after a month, I can say with certainty that my life is better and I feel better."

Mike K. 

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